"I want the Presa Canario to be the most complete breed in the world"

On this page I have described in a very brief and superficial way what my life has been up to the point where I am today.

"I want the Presa Canario to be the most complete breed in the world"

On this page I have described in a very brief and superficial way what my life has been up to the point where I am today.


I was born on November 29, 1996 in Puerto de La Cruz, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. I am the son of Manuel Curtó Gracia, a Catalan born in Vall D’Arán, and Valeria Richini Fuster, an Argentine born in Buenos Aires. Due to fate, they decided to get married and start a family on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic sea. Since I was little I always spent my time disassembling electronic devices, building robots and playing with puppies.


My adolescence was similar to that of any other boy. I went to school in the mornings, and in the afternoons I played video games. I never particularly excelled in academics, and I was quite an introvert. However, I had a natural talent for finding alternative ways to pass exams and do assignments with as little effort as possible, although in the end I ended up working twice as hard, but learning useful skills that would serve me well in the future. At least I did things the way I thought best and in my own way.

My particular skills

I just have the basic studies, they never seemed relevant to me. My philosophy of life is that «results are the most important thing». By this I mean that I will always use neurons to find a simpler and more effective way of doing things. I think this is my most differentiating feature.

Since I was at school I learned to use computers, to have the possibility of changing grades directly from the virtual classroom and thus pass, to search for exam answers, and to clone jobs. This knowledge and some practice were enough to start offering my services as a web designer. I spent 6 years designing websites for other people and setting up businesses, all of which failed (more than 40 projects). Unintentionally, during all this time and all these attempts, I ended up developing some very specific skills that would be useful to me in the future.

Regarding dogs, for me the Presa Canario was the daily bread. I always understood it as part of my life, and not as something potential to create my own career. I understood my father’s work with them, but I could never imagine the scope of it.

Where it all started

My mother was always dedicated to the sale of dogs in the family kennel. However, in 2016 my parents separated, my mother established her own career as an emotional coach, and my father continued to breed Presa Canario and the horses. Since my father did not speak English or know how to use computers, he asked me for some help in answering messages. At first I did what he told me, until I managed to be fluent enough to do it on my own. Unintentionally, as the months went by, I began to take care of all the occupations that my mother had, updating the website, and answering messages. Every time I had a question, I would ask my father. This is how I began to learn about the history of the Presa Canario in depth.

As I said before, the Presa Canario was always present in my life, as something else that made it up. But I had never stopped to think about its origin, or why we bred Presa Canario, or why so many people came to visit us every week.

Without realizing it, I went from being a web designer, to taking care of all the technical and logistical part of the family kennel, at the same time that I was in charge of the Equestrian Center.

My mission and my vision

After spending years directing Irema Curtó in the technical part and being very involved with the Presa Canario community, I began to locate problems that could be solved with my specific skills.

My main missions are the following:

  • Let the world know the work of my father
  • To make the Presa Canario the most complete breed in the world.


To make it possible, I have created a business conglomerate that covers all the facets that the Presa Canario could have: breeding, training, feeding, training, transport and records.